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About Us

A little history...

We are from Mirabel and brewing fanatics for over 20 years. Our expertise is reflected in the selection of our products. Our shop located in Mirabel is known for its customer service. It now has ten dedicated employees.


Hops, barley and water.

Our logo includes three essential elements for making beer. Hops, barley and water. At the time,  fermentation was done with yeast naturally contained in the air. The history of beer is evolving with time and so do we!


L'Atelier du Brasseur 2.0!

Thanks to our loyal customers,  l'Atelier du Brasseur allows to evolve and undertake more projects. Here's why the team develop an effective website that can make the products accessible to all. Since our launch on the Web, the company strives to improve the shopping experience and offer a quality service to online shoppers.


Our vision

L'Atelier du Brasseur wants to be the leader in Quebec over the distribution of artisanal brewing products offering homebrewers first quality products.Whether you are a beginner or an experienced brewer, you'll find everything you need to brew at home!


Our mission

By keeping abreast of new trends in the brewing area, our mission is to :

  • Assist and inform consumers in their choice of products by considering their level of knowledge and experience.
  • Offer a range of products that will appeal to both experienced brewers to new enthusiasts.
  • Making homebrewing open to all fans.