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FerMonster Plastic Carboy 11 Liter

FerMonster Plastic Carboy 11 Liter

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The wide mouth plastic carboy is the ideal fermentation vessel! They are airtight and do not break down over time so if you handle them with care, they can provide decades of great performance. Unlike normal carboys, they have a wide mouth which allows you to reach all the way inside, making adding or removing ingredients and cleaning much easier. Stick your whole arm inside the vessel to reach all of the surface area with a cleaning cloth, ensuring bacteria has no place to hide. The screw top ensures that the cap stays on throughout fermentation and won’t slip out like a foamy bung!

  • Features 
  • Easiest fermentation vessel to clean! Reach all the way inside! 
  • 2.9 U.S. Gallon (11 Liter) Capacity 
  • Red Plastic cap and carrying handle 
  • Screw on cap ensures a tight seal with no slippage

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