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Thermostat Anycontrol AC-211

Thermostat Anycontrol AC-211

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Anycontrol AC-211 heat and cool temperature control is designed to control two different temperature regulating devices. One outlet controls a heating regulating device while the other outlet controls a cooling regulating device. Ideal for temperature controlling homebrew fermentation.
  • LCD blue tape crystal display
  • Can set differential of refrigeration and heating separately
  • Automatically convert between refrigeration and heating
  • Divided design
  • Backlit auto shut down without operation for 10 minutes
  • Temperature measuring range: -40~100°C
  • Temperature controlling range: 0~99°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±1°C
  • Power: 220VAC ± 15%, 50/60HZ (Optional: 110VAC)
  • Input: 1 NTC sensor (waterproof)
  • Sensor wire: approx. 1m (standard)
  • Output: two relays output (Relay capacity: 5A or 10A optional)
  • On the power strip, Ι means heating, ΙΙ means refrigeration
  • Consumption: ≤3 w
  • Ambient requirements: temperature: -10~60°C; humidity: 20~85% (No condensate)

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